Central Air










This short narrative film dives into the daily experience of New Yorkers and the beauty of spring. When we were approached by D/E to produce this work we wanted to ensure we captured the natural beauty of being in Central Park. There is a certain magic that found in the contrast of towering sky scrapers and blooming trees.

Film Emulation

A key point that was expressed in pre-production was the clients desire to replicate film profiles. Taking inspiration from the golden years of cinema, Luminarc set out to find the best film emulation possible. Referencing film stocks like Kodak Visions 3 500T & Agfa XT. 


Once all of the footage was collected from the production team it was then sent of to our post production division where our talented network of editors took point. Once assembly was finished and picture was locked we got the green light to start color grading. Our team of colorist matched our 6k RAW RED footage to film stocks shot by shot and sealed the final look of the film.

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